3D printing will be researched to experiment the possibility of creating a new potential fabric technique. The main focus will be more on the stylistic part of the Marinero collection. But several other options will be researched as well. With the Re-FREAM project I can work in hubs where they offer collaboration within the 3D-printing context. I will keep an open mind and see all the possibilities what 3D-printing could offer. Maybe something useful can be developed within the creation of the fibers -> to yarn -> to 3D printing -> to fabric etc. I would like to play around with these techniques and go deeper within the whole process. Connections are made with the TU-Delft on how to sustainable produce sea-based materials towards useful 3D printings. Having these interdisciplinary collaborations and connections could potentially work successfully towards creating fabric innovation. On this page the 3D print process will documented by updates.