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After London Fashion Week Kevin and Jef worked on their knitting prototype that was produced for Moreneta. The collaboration is creative and research based. The photo underneath demonstrates an alternative and more defined silhouette. It is an interesting first material study. Based on this first prototype we can decide what other directions we want to take in the future. For the Marinero first stage collection 6 other variations will be produced. In project Re-FREAM Kevin and Jef will collaborate on integrating the new developed yarns and filaments into the knitting process. Large shapes and new techniques will be explored in combination with the deforming archi-filaments.


Update 1: 19-09-2019. On Friday the 13th the first presentation of Adaptive Skins took place at Fashion Scout London. The collection showed a past, present and future of the label. For the presentation 1 knitwear look was developed in collaboration with Kevin Pleiter and Jef Montes. Several experimental materials were used to create an architectural shape. Compared to the weaving process the knitting technique seems to be more detailed and precise. You can control where you want to follow the body creating the knitwear blueprint by hand on the machine. There is a lot positive energy involved within this collaboration. The first test shows a lot of potential. For the first stage of project Marinero 6 prototypes will be produced. The blueprints and new materials need to be evaluated and further developed. 
Photo by: Simon Armstrong & Olivia Ferrara Forbes

Studio Adaptive Skins commissioned Kevin Pleiter ( ArtEZ Bachelor honours degree graduate fashion design 2019 ) to focus on creating knitwear for project Marinero. Kevin and Jef will do a collaboration to design a knitwear blueprint. The knitwear blueprint will get variations by the use of integrating and combining several yarns. We will produce the knitted materials in our own studio with a hand-controlled knitting machine. Kevin is a co-creation partner within the Re-FREAM project and he is in charge of the knitwear department of Studio Adaptive Skins. He will be co-designing and co-creative directing the design process of the Marinero knitwear. 6 knitwear variation dresses are scheduled to be shown during the first official presentation of collection Marinero. On this page the whole process will be shown by several updates.
Photo @ Innovate Arnhem - (C) Studio Adaptive Skins