One of the most important goals of the first stage of project Marinero is to create yarns. The sea-based yarns will be researched and developed in collaboration with scientists. My dream is to create sea-weed and byssus yarns that are usable for the TextileLab machines. The Re-FREAM network and Dutch national research universities will be great partners to work together with towards creating yarns. The recycled sea polluted plastics/monofilaments/nylons will be researched together with an international potential partner like for example Seaqual. The idea is also to focus on a future potential new plastic. Replacing for example the plastic monofilament - with a fishbone ( hybrid ) sustainable monofilament will be another future goal to realize. Next to that an option will be to work together with external yarn suppliers and the TextileLab yarn library. The whole process of the yarn development will be updated on this page.