Inspired by the contrast of the sea and plastic pollution. Marinero is the first project of Studio Adaptive Skins. The focus of Marinero is to create an architectural blueprint that transforms organically over the course of time due to different meteorological conditions. The blueprint is one woven square that forms the base of diverse variations. Because the finishing is already incorporated within the woven pattern, the materials take its shape by the various conditions rather than using traditional cutting and tailoring techniques. The materials used to create fibers for the woven square will be divided into categories. The main categories are: 1. Nylon (recycled plastic waste from the sea as fishing nets) 2. Shrinking yarns (yarns that shrink and twist due to heat, moisture and steam); 3. Seaweed and other sea related natural materials. All these materials need to be transformed into usable threads that can be used for the TextileLab machines. The vision is to design a new kind of production system that results into adaptive garments that grow with us individually. Plastic will be collected from the sea and transformed into new threads. These plastic threads will be used in combination with the natural fibers from sea based materials (horizontal versus vertical). The weavings have a vertical main chain of nylon and horizontal integrated variable threads. The contrast of these threads cause friction and result into dynamic shapes during different meteorological conditions as rain, heavy wind or drought. The aim is to be as slow and sustainable as possible.