During January 2019 hundreds of containers fell into the Dutch North sea (MSC Zoe) causing a catastrophic effect on the ecosystem. On 20-06-2019 Studio Adaptive Skins went to Terschelling to attend a beach clean up. There was a lot of plastic that washed up on the beach. Plastic wrapped up with sea weed and dead animals laying around. During the clean up process it was inspiring to collect samples. To think about what we could do as a team in collaboration with the research universities. Studio Adaptive Skins worked with 6 WUR specialists: (biomass production and carbon capture,  Marine Resources and Ecology,  Bio-refinery and Conversion, and  Environmental Technology)  who did a project proposal and research on creating new yarns for the project (go to link: WUR A-C-T). For the first stage of project Marinero the focus will be to design adaptive materials based from recycled plastics (vertical) and sea-based materials (horizontal). After completing the first stage the focus and ultimate goal will be on going towards 100% sea-based adaptive materials. Underneath you will see photo's of Terschelling.