Update 3: 31-04-2020

The tailored by weather video shows the production process from yarn to dress. By using controlled cloth simulation, it is shown how the dress deforms on contact with water. The unique shape of the fabric made this an especially challenging task.

  • Credits Animation: 01X
  • Creative Director: Rudolf Romero
  • 3D render: Joost Marcelis
  • Sound design: Javi Herrero


Update 2: 07-12-2019 
Studio Adaptive Skins commissioned 01X to create a 1 minute Marinero development 3D render process film. To goal of the film is to showcase the steps of the Marinero production chain. Underneath you can see some film stills from the development process. The film will go online January 2020. 01X = research + development - branding + consultancy - art + technology.

Update 1: 05-12-2019
Studio Adaptive Skins and 01X are collaborating on creating a virtual reality branding experience. The concept is to create a world where the signature S.A.S fabrics take over an abstract architectural area. Materials float around integrating with other floating iconic objects. One of the interactive aspects is that you can blow the material within the floating area. The idea behind it is to create an experience that shows the diverse character of Studio Adaptive Skins. The boarders of fashion, architecture and product design. Underneath you will see the 3D render screenshots that show the development process of the virtual reality experience.
- Digital textile sample studies
- Colliding testing
- Object textile colliding testing