The pva nylon lamp is a developed Marinero experiment #1 prototype transformed into a lamp. Looking back at collaborations with Philips Lighting it seems to be an interesting step in how the material design can be used in a hybrid way. A custom made designed base construction was developed specific to fit the material around it. The perspex transparent sphere and white ceiling cap have been vacuum formed and attached to an electric white cable. A Philips light bulb was placed in the center of the prototype. The Marinero material design has been molded around the base construction. With warm water the material reshapes and adapts around the transparent sphere. The light causes the material to reflect the details of the prototype around the area where it is placed in. A first prototype was placed at the staircase of a national late 1930’s monument. The B46 building was a former nature and chemistry laboratory of the electricity organisation Kema. Designed by architects: G. Hamerpagt, H. Fels and R.L.A Schoenenmaker. Pictures were shot in B46 (22-03-2019) and an overview can be seen underneath.