Studio Adaptive Skins = design yarns -> design fabrics -> design wearables. Why? To improve and sustain the fashion production system. To bring the individual closer within the design process. Fashion manufactured by rain is about creating a direct creative dialogue between: the body versus adaptive materials and using the environment as a tool to create new shapes.

Studio Adaptive Skins was founded in 2018 by designer Jef Montes. Adaptive skins is a textile architecture studio based in Arnhem with a strong emphasis on responsive materials. A new approach on creating shape within zero waste producing materials, rather than the conventional cutting patterns out of 2D fabric. The materials are applied on the human skin but also connected and experimented to the structure of a building and interior. Responsive to the human and its surrounding the textiles improve the function and experience of: body, light, energy, areas, acoustics and climate. The studio has its own signature projects that are focused on: wearable designs, high fashion and material installations. Next to that the studio also offers a wide spectrum of biodegradable materials and innovation production development services to other platforms/companies. Sustainability and upcycling are an important starting point in each project. No waste is the design norm. Finding alternative ways to recreate the production system is constantly researched. The idea is to design a new production chain, starting from the fiber/yarn and following up all the way towards the material/garment. Projects are collaboratively explored with technicians and product developers, that mainly work with industrial filament and textile producing machines. Illusion, shape and transformation play an essential factor within the design development. The signature developed materials are non seasonal and keep on expanding. Everything starts with an elemental flat shape, that afterwards unravels into 3D forms -> the Adaptive Skins material that creates its own tailoring technique, because It’s all about the natural ongoing process. - Jef Montes {-} ”I see clothing and materials as living architecture. Adapting to the environment, organic and emotional.''