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Exclusive limited edition ( 3 x ). Material made in collaboration with TextileLab Tilburg. The woven satin fabric has a combination of nylon and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). The white garment is partly soluble and will deform when it gets wet. The exact time of the deformation depends on the quantity and temperature of the water. Experiment #2 shows that the materials transforms more slowly compared to Experiment #1. It takes about 2 weeks to change in size and form. With 20 ° warm water the process time will be faster. The effect of this garment shows that it starts with a smooth satin and transforms to pleats. It also changes quite dramatically in shape. It starts with a monumental shape and transforms towards the body and becomes more smaller in size. The material starts to adjust itself towards your body type. Experiment #2 does not burst open like Experiment #1. The reason is because the fabric of #2 is woven more tightly. The garment is soluble but will never fully burst because of the added nylon framework. It can happen that parts of the PVA will get on your skin. It does not have any side effects on the skin. The PVA is easy to wash of your skin. The material also reacts to steam and heat. Even sweat from moving and dancing will deform the garment. This design will personalize to your body. It will have your own unique signature.
- Price: €1.600,00 ex VAT
- 1 size fits all
- Color: white
- Material: monofilament and PVA
- Effect: smooth satin transform to pleats
- 2 weeks max. delivery time depending shipment location
- After your order and payment the studio will contact you about the sending and the track and trace code